Cassandra Stuart from Ntaria

“We need someone like a ‘media officer’ Hemannsberg is a pretty big place.  Because of the distance from town, we are kind of the first community that gets trialled for everything. If someone can put it out there to make a job available for two people or just a small group to do some advertising, to get a little newsletter happening. There are projects that happen here with the community lease project, the cemetery project, when organisations pay rent, government organisations, whatever businesses are here, they pay rent back to the community, they get this lump sum, part of it goes into a big fund for projects to benefit the whole community…  Put it all together on one newsletter, Community newsletter, it’s out there, people can see if things are happening, some stuff works, some doesn’t, it’s out there. Facebook?  I don’t know.  A picture tells a thousand words. It’s advertised ‘Oh this doesn’t work because of such-and-such’. Build employment, build people’s courage up to feel proud about their community, themselves, and families.”

Cassandra is talking about a way of getting the community to know about and respond to the many different things that are happening at Hermannsberg, much of which entails government engagement and coordination.  It would enhance employment without making any individual or group responsible for dealing directly with government on a range of issues.